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While trying to place some of the children we sponsor in good schools, we faced quite a few difficulties. We wished we had a school of our own as it would be easy to ensure a high standard of education and monitor the progress of the children. While having our own school seems distant at this point of time, adopting a school that closely matches with what we aim seemed the next best option.

Why Cauveri Matriculation School and what we intend to do?

  1. Amongst the schools that we visited as part of the Sponsorship program, we chose to adopt the Cauveri Matriculation School after evaluating the school and its management. The correspondent of this school is a retired head master who aims to educate underprivileged children in the medium of English. He is a visionary with dreams for the school and the children limited by lack of funds. Chirag decided to aid this school and develop it into a model school.
  2. Volunteers of Chirag have taken a strong commitment in volunteering the school every Thursday mornings. The volunteers plan to teach Math's, Physics, Chemistry, Computer science, Spoken English, Reading, Drawing, and Music etc. Some of the volunteers are also involved in setting up of the library.
  3. We are planning to conduct workshops for the teachers to enhance their performance.
  4. We are planning to improve the infrastructure by adding science labs, computer labs, better classrooms with good seats etc.
  5. We realized many children come to school without breakfast and so fatigue growing on them early in the day. Having a good breakfast is a must for a child so that he will be able to attend the classes sharply. So we are also planning to provide nutritious food for both breakfast and lunch.
  6. We have enrolled the bright children whom we have spotted in the orphanages and under-privileged school and support them through their higher studies. We intend to do the same in future years too. For these children we have provided tuition fees, uniforms, shoes, notebooks etc.

Other details about the school:

  1. School is in their own land
  2. It as been registered as a trust namely "Cauveri educational trust"
  3. They have 80G exemption
  4. They have the following labs - Physics, chemistry and biology all in one room and computer lab in a separate room.

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