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English Lab

1. Why English lab?

During the course of our interactions with our children in tuition center, we realize that though they study in English medium schools, they lack basic English language skills.  We see this as a serious concern, because while the children do understand concepts and ideas when explained to them, they are unable to express them in words during exams. Further, we feel that English language skills are necessary to boost their confidence and grow in the career of their choice, considering that most of our professional courses are taught in English and our jobs demand fluency in the language. 

Therefore, in line with Chirag's commitment to education for the underprivileged, we have embarked upon another ambitious venture of setting up an English lab for an Elementary and middle school with children from low income group. 

2. What are we planning to do?

We are now planning to set up a Model English lab in an underprivileged school in Uthandhi, Chennai, with the help of a Company Thulir (, that has developed an adaptable, computer based English program. This program empowers the children to be proficient in English in par with native speaker by 5th grade. The program has been launched in several private schools with great success.  But we feel children from less privileged section needs this the most. The company is willing to give the program to us at cost.
Chirag Is planning to set up a lab in this school with 40 computers at the rate of Rs 25,000/node.   

3. How you can help us?

    1. Support/sponsor a computer. To sponsor, click here
    2. Connect us to your CSR representative if they are interested in joining Chirag in taking English to many schools.
    3. If you are interested in doing this in govt schools in your state please form a team and start working towards funds and we can help you in setting up the lab.


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