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We are working with GARDEN OF PEACE SCHOOL at Kurumbupalayam Village in Vellore District of TamilNadu. Buddha Smiles Programme of the Spirit in Life Movement has opened an alternative school "Garden of Peace" for the rural poor in Kurumbupalayam village near Vellore in Tamil Nadu. This school has been functional since 9th June 2004. The school has 100 children admitted mostly at the level of first standard and pre-school children who are below the age of four. The school has five staff members (three teachers with graduate degrees) and a caretaker for the children.

The teachers come from the local community itself. The students are mostly from the poor landless farmers and the daily wage labour families' living in the villages nearby. The school is located in the midst of an organic farm of 5.6 acres of land in Kurumbupalayam village and surrounded by several villages that come under the Kanyambadi Block of the Vellore District in Tamil Nadu. The school offers free education in the medium of native language Tamil as well as the teaching of English language for the children. The school has a free mid-day meal scheme and also arranges transport facilities for the children coming from the neighbouring villages. The school provides two sets of uniforms for all the children every year.

Chirag has adopted this school completely with the hope of developing it into a model school, where the children whose education we sponsor, have the right environment that facilitates their all-round growth and development.

Chirag is currently supporting this school in rural Vellore, spending 3 lakhs annually to support its expenses related to teachers, uniforms, books, lunch and transportation. Contributions towards this initiative is welcome. Please check here on how you can donate.

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