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Thirukkural meaning:
Knowledge is indestructable, and is the best wealth one can have. Everything else can be lost or destroyed and hence come only second best.

Through the Diwali Gift program, Chirag team in Chennai came across several children and schools that needed attention. Many of these schools are run very well and there are also some that are helpless due to certain constraints. That is when the Education program was conceived.

We, at Chirag, strongly believe that education and character are the only tools that will help the children of today, achieve their goals, as they evolve into the adults and citizens of the world tomorrow. Children need to know what is right and what is not; they need to know that success is when you can walk tall after a fall. We strive to impart these fundamental values in the children we work with, so that they are empowered to overcome the challenges in their lives and lead by example.

Chirag is focussed on developing its Tuition Center to facilitate students from poor economic background to compete with the best in their endeavour to enter professional courses.

Chirag is closely working with two English medium schools.

  1. Cauveri Matriculation School, Thoraipakkam (click here for details)
  2. Garden Of Peace, Vellore (click here for details)

Besides sponsoring a few of the deserving children in these schools, Chirag has identified some of the key requirements of these schools. With the support of corporates and like-minded organizations, Chirag wishes to implement these projects and thereby making the school environment conducive for the students to learn and grow.

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