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Gift Program
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  • Months before Diwali, Chirag teams identify orphanages and other institutions with under-privileged children
  • Volunteers speak to each child personally to find out what he/she wants for Diwali
  • A wish tag is made with the details of the child and the gift preference
  • These wish tags are placed in the premises of sponsoring organizations. Now e-tags are being worked to save some paper.
  • Individuals within the organization who wish to contribute can pick up a tag and shop for a gift for the child In a week's time, tags are replaced with the actual gifts in the child's wish list Chirag team collects the gifts and distributes them to the children few days before Diwali
  • Each child who has received a gift is encouraged to write a small personal thank-you note
  • Thank-you notes are handed over to the organization for distribution to the individuals who have sponsored the gifts

" Spread the joy of Gifting - Keep The Spark Alive!"

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