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Chirag Gift Program has been a big success and has grown in numbers every year since we started out in 2005. The warmth and response that we received from our sponsors has strengthened our mission and helped us realize we are not alone. It has been wonderful knowing how enthusiastic individuals have been and taken extra interest in buying more than what was asked by the children. There were some who bought all the three gifts that the child had asked for, while there were some who went ahead and bought matching accessories like earrings and hair bands for little girls to go with their new clothes. Some individuals pinned additional amount for the stitching charges for children who had asked for school uniforms. We are truly blessed to be the bridge between both and watch the love and commitment on one side and the joy of receiving on the other. Our heart-felt thanks to each and everyone of our sponsors who made it possible.

Here are the reports of our Chirag Gift program, with details of our corporate sponsors and, their beneficiaries:





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