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Chirag has identified the following projects that would benefit this rural school.

  1. Providing a van for pick up and drop of children from the neighbouring villages
  2. Providing a motor for the borewell that provides water to the school
  3. Providing shoes for 100 students
  4. Setting up play facilities like see saw, jungle gym etc.
  5. Setting up a solar water heater facility primarily for cooking
  6. Setting up a gobar gas plant
  7. Planting 600 palm trees around the school
  8. Setting up a library with good books
  9. Construction of a two-storeyed building with 8 class rooms
  10. Construction of an auditorium/yoga/meditation hall on the lines of a green building

Organizations or Individuals interested in any of these projects please send an email to to get more information with subject "Spark of Knowledge".

Donate a cow
The Garden of Peace school also runs "Goshala" or cow shed with a few cows, with a focus on self-sufficiency and sustenance. If you would like to donate a cow to the school, please send us an email to with the subject "Spark of Knowledge".

" Spread the light of Knowledge - Keep The Spark Alive!"

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