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Srimathi Sridhar an Engineer by profession, enjoyed a successful career for 12 years, both in India and abroad. While working in California, she was involved with an organization which works for kids during Christmas. This is where a spark occured to her to start a similar organization in India and help kids. When she returned back to India she started Chirag with like minded people. Through Chirag, she likes to help underprivileged kids in education and to get their basic necessities and joys of life. Her main goal is to see most of the kids get a good education.

Madhavan Satagopan is a Chennai-based IT Management Professional. Having developed a deep interest for social and community service since a young age, he has managed to nurture the spark in him through his graduation days and professional time abroad. On his return to India, he joined hands with the Chirag Foundation and has been involved in its various activities since its inception. A spiritual aspirant, Madhavan enjoys listening to all forms of classical music and often troubles others with his own renditions.

Pushpa Sundar, an Engineer by profession, enjoyed a successful career for 11 years, both in India and abroad. After returning to India in 2004, she is based in Bangalore and is pursuing interests and aspirations that can make a difference to society. Reaching out has been an inherent part of her routine from childhood, and Chirag has provided her the foundation to leverage her unending desire.

Jayashree Arun is an IT Consultant, based in Chennai. She has been working with various organizations, both public and private, at different locations in India. Through Chirag, she would like to make a significant contribution to the society, particularly to the under-privileged children and aged.

Swarna Muthukumar is a busy house wife based in Chennai, whose passion is designing clothes as part time business. She has always done her little to help the underpriveldged. She firmly believes that the future of our country depends on the children - their education and health (both mentally and physically). Through Chirag, she sincerely intends to bring happiness into the lives of deprived children.

"Keep The Spark Alive!"

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